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John Luke
John Luke
I7 14700 - 32 GB - 4060 The PC arrived well protected and ahead of the date indicated. Aesthetically very nice and assembled beautifully. Support was quick and very professional in answering a question I had. The PC proved to be a blast, fast, quiet and performing. I absolutely recommend this seller, really reliable and kind.
Top!!! I recommend to everyone 1)It really costs very little2)I respond right away in case of need in fact they call you and explain what to do and not to do (which is a lot of stuff for those who don't know how to use high end desktops like me)Very kind for those who assisted me the technician Luigi you are the top!
Bravi👏 What to say. There were always sellers like this.It was a bit ti time that I wanted to upgrade my PC stationary from the days of prehistory, and after several searches I found this item assembled by this small Italian company.Then, besides saying that a pc with these features can be found only at a higher price, there are two other things that make these guys excellent sellers.First, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that in the product description they had listed all the components with description, name and brand unlike other sellers who remain vague on certain specifications (probably xbecause they know they are offering a product not fully performing).Secondly the after sales support ...The product ,of course arrived on time since delivery, upon turning on had a small anomaly of the 3 heatsink fans was working but the RGB did not light up and I of course wanted all the Christmas lights😬.After contacting them they helped me immediately to solve this small problem (which cmq did not prevent me from using the PC) and thanks to their supervision via video call...light fù😊Serious, professional, can see they love their work!If amazon allows me to give only 5 stars, I give them praise.Bravi!Alessandro G.
Desktop i5 13600 32gb RAM gigabyte 4070 I can only say good things about this PC, beautiful to look at and very quiet, assembled to perfection and very balanced in components.It allows me to play Starfield, the most hardware-intensive game at the moment, at maximum detail in full HD, a joy to look at but also just to play it with all the fans changing color in unison.Unlike other assemblers who maybe in a similar configuration put a less performing component this one was assembled very correctly, synonymous with a serious company.At 1650 € it was a bargain.
Great assembled, great price, great service I purchased this assembled at an undoubtedly competitive price for the components it mounts, fully satisfied with the product and 'impeccable packaging. The only issue was a single fan that at a high frequency created an almost imperceptible noise. Support sent us a replacement fan in no time saving us having to ship and return the product. They were super fast and very professional, absolutely recommended!
Truly the top, you can't get better than this Review for the model with i5 13600KFCwhat can I say, a gaming computer with a capital C.Fabulous, perfect components and done right.I have been looking for months on Amazon for a pc with all these features and at this price you can't find better.Seller very kind, always helpful and fast even in responding.The computer arrives already assembled, carefully packed even inside, in the box in addition to the pc you can also find all the boxes of the various components and also additional cables and screws for any additions.Really a perfect pc
Excellent and more Review regarding model with i7 13700k and 4070ti.Hard to find better. Kindest supplier and very professional. I have searched Amazon for months and can say with relative confidence that in this price range it is virtually impossible to find better. The product matches the description and is assembled to perfection: 10 with high praise. Incidentally, some screws were missing to possibly add disks and the supplier was most gracious and I already have a package arriving tomorrow. All at their expense. Most Satisfied. I will obviously have to test the PC for a while but for what I have seen so far I can only highly recommend it.
Excellent To be tested thoroughly but this assembled is POWERFUL and the price really competitive, great buy.
Claudio Navone
Claudio Navone
Satisfied Well assembled and well packed. Accompanying all boxes of products used.
Luigi Ferrari
Luigi Ferrari
Excellent!!! As per description Bergamo, August 10, 2023CPU Intel i7 13700K, Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti 12 Gb, 32 Gb RAM, SSD M.2 1 Tb etc., all components as described.Benchmark by FEAR...including RAM and SSDIpacking very nice, especially for the Foam Foam in the Pc, shaped to hold all components firmly for transport, present boxes and accessories of components, motherboard, SSD, RAM, video card...Truly a great device! Congratulations!