Frequently asked questions - FAQ

1Where can I buy your PCs?
You can buy our PCs directly from our website or you can also find them in our Amazon store.
2Can I buy a Computer with the components I want?

Yes. Contact us through the form in the CUSTOM PC section and describe what you would like. Also, if you already have any components you would like to include, you can send them to us and we will assemble them inside your CUSTOM PC

N.B. PCs already in the Amazon store cannot be modified.

3What payment methods do you accept?

  • For PCs on our site we accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.
  • For Custom made PCs we only accept advance payment by bank transfer.
  • For PCs on Amazon you can use the payment methods the platform offers.

4What brands do you usually use?
We mainly use products from the following brands: GIGABYTE, MSI, KINGSTON, WD, ANTEC, COOLER MASTER, CORSAIR, NOUA.
5Do you send the original component boxes?
Yes, inside the white shipping box containing the PC you will find the boxes of components to be reassembled, and the motherboard box with all the gadgets inside.
6Can I physically open the PC?
As soon as the PC arrives to you, you will need to open it to remove the protective foam that was applied to prevent damage to the internal components during transport.
7What is the delivery time, and how do I track my order?

If you buy a PC on Amazon in FBA (so "Prime"), the timelines are about 3/5 days, and tracking is provided by Amazon.

If you buy a PC on Amazon in FBM (shipped by us), the timeframe is from 3 to 7 working days after the platform receives and confirms your payment. Tracking is uploaded to Amazon, and you are also sent SMS from the courier for delivery.

If, on the other hand, you purchase a Custom PC through the site, everything is provided to you by us (successful payment and tracking), and the timing is the same, i.e., 3 to 7 working days.

8What operating system and programs will my PC arrive with?

We install Windows 11 Professional with OEM license, i.e., license tied to PC components. We install OFFICE Professional with OEM license, i.e., license tied to PC components.

We also install the basic programs for optimal PC use: PDF Reader, WinRAR, Chrome, and system optimization tweaks.

N.B. You can NOT create the Microsoft account with OEM licenses: if you want to create the account you have to purchase Windows and Office directly through Microsoft's store.

9Is it possible to rent a computer or have a computer for a trial period?

No, it is not possible to privately have one of our PCs on trial or rental for a limited time.

Moreover, making a "return" without a real reason, besides being ethically unsound, is still viewed and sanctioned by the Amazon platform.

10What should I do if I receive a damaged package?

In the case of an INSURED shipment via website and upon receipt of the goods the box is found to be damaged you must sign the package with RESERVE TO CHECK, CLEARLY INDICATING THE DETAIL OF DAMAGE ON THE COURIER'S DELIVERY BILL. Then take video or photographs to determine the extent of the damage for insurance purposes. Email us at sharing your order acknowledgment information and the photos/videos taken, to assess the best service formula and how to handle any return/replacement.

Please note that if you do not explicitly request an insured shipment, in case of damage during transport, Audaxima Srl will not be held responsible excluding compensation for damage to components. We will try in every way to help you even if exempt from any responsibility regarding transportation, but without guaranteeing any kind of compensation.

In the case of an Amazon order always take a video or photographs to determine the extent of the damage and contact us through the platform, both for FBA and FBM orders.

11What warranty is the PC I purchased covered by?

GEEKIUS offers all its customers a warranty on purchased products and installed components, 24 months in case of purchase with receipt, and 12 with invoice. All installed components are registered with relevant serial numbers.

If the order was placed on Amazon (either an FBA or FBM order) the warranty replacement request must be made via Amazon, in the "returns and orders" section at the top left, next to your user profile. If the order is a CUSTOM PC send us an email with request to specifying:

  • First and Last Name
  • Tax Code
  • Amazon order number, or ours in case of direct purchase
  • Cell phone number and times for contact

We will make direct arrangements to pick up the PC and replace the component in a timely manner.

Warning: if components have a different serial number we will report the attempted scam to the appropriate authorities. In addition, any kind of tampering with the hardware will void the warranty, as will the fitting of additional components or replacements not made by us.

12Can I send the computer back to you for service? How long does the repair take?

Yes, you can send the computer back to us for any type of service. We will contact you with a message as soon as we evaluate the type of service and another message in conjunction with final testing before delivery.

The duration of repairs depends on the type of service required. Warranty servicing is free of charge if not dependent on user tampering.

If the order was placed on Amazon (either an FBA or FBM order) the service request must be made via Amazon.

If the problem is related to a change that has rendered the operating system unusable, all you need to do is format: you can do this on your own by taking advantage of the relevant program from Microsoft.

13I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. How can I contact you?

For all information related to orders placed on AMAZON, you are invited to contact us through the AMAZON platform for both FBA and FBM orders.

For questions involving assistance in general, write to us at

For all other information that does not fall into the categories above you can write to us at